Friday Thoughts

It has indeed been a rough week, second week in a row. I was hit by anxiety attack after another. I felt like I just need to get in a corner and cry until whatever hell storm I’m in is over.

The company decided to implement a new system for the customers. Anything for the customer, right? Except it’s not doing anyone any good so far and the people who started this whole thing is saying “it’s going better than they’ve hoped.”

Ugh, well, they’ve caused me to have more work.

I have been slammed by emails for the last two weeks and barely been able to get anything done. I am now having to spend 5-6 hours a day researching – who to bill and making sure no one gets billed twice for the same thing. Even after all the research though, I’m still reluctant to bill because I’m not sure what to bill. Even after all the complaining and emailing and explaining I’ve been doing for week before, the reports and transaction details are still vague as hell, at least for someone who’s having everything manually.

It feels like I’m back to the days when I’m in school and I’m practicing doing the accounting records by hand.

My boss told me last week the bridge between the new program and the current financial system will be completed this week. “Once completed,” he said, “everything should automatically come over.”

This week is over and still, I’m not seeing anything come over. Back to billing.

7 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. In moments like these, I like to remember that life happens FOR us and not TO us. You’re only going through this right now because you are capable of taking it. You are only given what you can handle, and you can handle this. Wishing you all the best and see you on the other side!

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  2. When my world gets like that, I was told by a counselor not to fight against it. By that she means, accept that the stress/anxiety is there/will always be there and use skills to manage it. Don’t fight against it as though it shouldn’t exist. Does that make sense? Recognize you are overwhelmed and step back – do it for you. The work will still be there but you will come back to it with a clearer head/calmer mind. Hang in there!


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