Blogging Insights – New Format #12

On this week’s Blogging Insights – New Format #12, the following quote is given:

There’s a reason I chose writing to be my medium. It’s the only way I can express my thoughts without being interrupted. I can never do that in real life. There’s always a voice here and there, constantly asking questions and interrupting my train of thought. Once that train of thought is interrupted, it’s interrupted, and it will take me just about an eternity to return to what I was thinking a moment before.

Whenever I play driver to one of my aunts, they would try to finish my thoughts. I hate that and have no idea why they keep playing psychic when they can’t read my thought. “Let me think,” I’d say, irritatingly, and that was it, I had no clue what I was thinking a moment before. It’s how forgetful I am these days with so many things mounts in my brain.

Although, my brain does surprises me sometimes by showing me how talkative I am when a simple thought becomes a 600-word story. Can I really say this much in real life?

I have never counted my words but I doubt I say that much in real life, perhaps I can if I am not interrupted.

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