Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169: The Ordinary

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169, I.J Khanewala is guest-hosting and he’s challenging everyone to take a second look at the ordinary. Sometimes, those things can surprise you or even put a smile on your face.

Some people don’t understand this. I had a friend once asks why I take up gardening as a hobby. “Gardening is what people do in their retirement.”

As someone struggling with stress and anxiety daily, I find gardening very relaxing and rewarding in a way even though some may characterize what I’m growing as “ordinary supermarket vegetables.”

Ever since I started gardening this year, it became a habit that I would take a lap around the garden each day, to see how my plants are doing. Since I added a lot of new plants at the end of August, I would pay closer attention to them to make sure they are adapting okay.

The other day, right before the sky began to pour like no tomorrow (it rained for 2 days), I went out and took some pictures. To others, what I was doing may seem silly but to me, it was important to document, even a head of your ordinary butter lettuce.

In fact, this head of lettuce isn’t ordinary at all. I had grown it using primarily gray water – water came from my showers and vegetable and fruit washing in the kitchen. I feel particularly proud of it as we have been in the midst of drought all summer long. Reusing indoor water should help, every little bit helps.

I’m a relatively easy person to please. After all, living with a family like mine, I have to be. So things like this ordinary flower (also grown using gray water) blossoming in my garden will bring a smile any day and it looks like I will finally get to see my cosmos blossoming during the last days of fall.

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169: The Ordinary

  1. I love that you’re repurposing the water, Yinglan. Wonderful! And your plants are thriving beautifully. I think you’ve made a great choice for a hobby. It’s relaxing and at the same time very practical. You’re helping the environment and growing food! Perfect!

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    1. Gardening is certainly relaxing. It’s like hiking without the physical intensity of climbing a mountain. I feel I’m closer to nature too as the earth is part of nature. I know my veggies love that water especially when I spoon-feed it the water (helps it absorb better). 😀


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