Blogging Insights – New Format #22

On this week’s Blogging Insights – New Format #22, the following quote is given:

I agree with this quote though often times, it’s actually pretty easy, I just needed the push to get me going.

Like going on a hike, as much as I love nature, I need the push sometimes because there are days my anxiety takes over and shows me all the things that can go wrong.

Another example is my double surgeries this month, it took me a long time to take the step to make that phone call to make the appointment to the orthopedic surgeon. I kept telling myself, “I’m busy today, let’s do it tomorrow.” Took me a long time to finally commit to the call.

Can you believe it took me weeks to call the orthodontist to make an appointment for an initial consultation. Then on the day of the initial consultation, I kept going back and forth between going and canceling.

Both surgeries ended up being completely worth it because the fingers on my right hand are no longer numb and I finally got the surgery done on my teeth, one which I should’ve done 10 years ago.

Now, as how this quote relates to blogging. Well, there are tough days and there are easy days in blogging. There are days when thoughts come easily to me while there are days when I have trouble putting thoughts to words.

Last week was particularly hard because I had my oral surgery on Tuesday but even before then, I was filled with anxiety. I was jittery on most days as uncertainty mounted because I had no idea what effects the surgery will have on me.

I wanted to stop posting, stop writing, at least until the whole thing passed. This was hard because once I stop blogging, I wouldn’t know when and how I would give myself that push to come back. So I kept it simple with little to no words. Filler posts with pictures, I call it.

It wasn’t easy but it was worth it because I didn’t walk away from thing that kept me sane for the last few years.

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