Truthful Tuesday 12-21-2021 on a Wednesday

This week on Truthful Tuesday, while host Frank is on sabbatical, hostess Melanie from Sparks from a Combustible Mind asks:

Photo by Chad Montano on Unsplash

Honestly, does pineapple belong on a pizza?  

I am going to give it a solid “yes” for this one because in my opinion, hot pineapple as in pineapple that has just come out of the oven is better than before it went into the oven. Maybe I’m just one of those weirdos who likes cooked pineapples.

My mom always keeps cans of sliced pineapples in the pantry. I’m not talking about the small cans of sliced pineapples. I’m talking about the large cans. Then whenever she’s craving pizza, she would buy a Hawaiian pizza home to bake. Before baking, she would open a can of sliced pineapples, dumps out the syrup, and place the pineapples on the pizza until there’s no room even though there’s already plenty of pineapple on the pizza.

Once the slice is placed before me, I’m the type of person who would pick and eat all the pineapple on the piece before chowing down the topping-less slice of pizza. Mmm…

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