Blogging Insights – New Format #24

On this week’s Blogging Insights – New Format #24, the following quote is given:

I agree with this quote because as a human being, I understand our memories are flawed. I can attest to that as I can only remember very little for the 3 years between my mom leaving for the US and bringing me to the U.S. I can only remember the bad times, the sad times, and little of the happier times.

I sometimes think it’s a mechanism, a way our brains is trying to protect us from trauma.

So if I were to write about that time period of my life, I would write it from my perspective which may be different from, say, my aunt’s perspective, and it will certainly be different than how the events actually occurred.

As a human being, I also understand we all love a great story. It is why movies that are based on novels are rarely (or almost never) 100% matched and just so you’re aware, as much as I try to write what happens on my blog, I will sometimes add some drama as well as some descriptors to my stories.

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