Friday Fictioneers: Queenie Turns Bookworm

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Bookworm has been mine from the moment I laid eyes on her. Of all the cats in the shelter, she was the only one who walked toward me like a pageant queen. I was going to name her Queenie but changed my mind shortly after.

In her poised demeanor, she sauntered to my bookshelf and just sat there, looking up at my tiny collection of books. “You like books, Queenie?”

Two days later, I found myself crying and panicking. Queenie had disappeared! Just as I was about to put up posters, there she was, right there, hiding among my books.

(100 words)

For Friday Fictioneers

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17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Queenie Turns Bookworm

  1. Fun story. Yes, I learned not to panic when my cat would vanish. I also learned no vertical challenge was too great for finding perch from which to survey his kingdom. 🙂


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