What do you see # 121 – Awkward

I decided to give this writing prompt (What do you see) a go this week, hope you like the story.

Image credit; Olga Solodilova @ Unsplash


How awkward is this? He thinks, sipping his cola. Of all the people he could’ve paired me with, he paired me with her? Why her? The person who persuaded my ex to dump me 5 years ago. Didn’t he know she’s the one I told him I hate the most? I swear I will find him and I will kick his sorry ass, regardless this is his wedding day.


Ugh, this is awkward, being seated at the same table as him. I wonder if he remembers me. Of course, he does, you idiot. You’re the one who convinced your best friend to dump his sorry ass. It was a good decision on my part, no, a great decision. Why am I here anyway? Twirling flowers looking bored. I should go find the lovely bride and give her a piece of my mind. Who cares if this is her wedding day?

They both stands up and speaks in unison, “Excuse me.”

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