Truthful Tuesday on a Wednesday

This week, on Truthful Tuesday, interim host Melanie at Sparks from a Combustible Mind asks:

Should people be honest and just say no when asked to do something they either don’t want to do or are uncomfortable about doing?   

Sometimes, saying no is tough. I am a guilty party of that – saying yes to doing something I did not want to do and then complain about it. In my defense, I was taught never say no to your elders and when I lived with my step-father, he did not allow me to say no to him. So now, it’s become this nasty habit of mine – saying yes when I should saying no.

Why aren’t more people apt to tell the truth and save everyone involved a lot of time and aggravation? 

Sometimes, the truth hurts and a little white lie now and then will, too, save everyone a lot of time and aggravation.

How comfortable are you with asking for help when the favor is something that will take a lot more time and work (and money with the gas price situation right now) than your relationship with the other party might warrant?

I’m working on asking for help with simple things at the moment. Because of everything I went through in my early years and how I was raised, I have an enormous difficulty with asking for help. I think one of the reasons is I’m afraid to place any trust on other people as not many people has resulted in me trusting them before.

When I had my knee surgery about 10 years ago, my mom couldn’t pick up me from the surgical center. So she had me ask my neighbor from across the street. It took me a lot of deep breaths and courage to walk across the street, knock on my neighbor’s door, and ask if she could pick me up after my knee surgery. I don’t know how I did it but I suppose, that was one of those times when I really needed help.

4 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday on a Wednesday

  1. I think that given your cultural background, that it’s not surprising that you’d be leery of asking for help, let alone the uncertainty of some of the people in the place where you live. I absolutely HATE feeling dependent on anyone, but am coming to realize that sometimes we don’t have a choice if we want to stay healthy. It did take a lot of courage for you to approach your neighbor. I think that was very brave!

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