Sunday Poser #79

Not really. My mother does though. She told me Sunday, “It’s Mother’s Day, so I’ll be spending your money today.”

What’s the point? I thought. She spends my money on a daily basis. Keeping herself comfortable sitting next to a 1500-watt portable heater all day, doing 2 loads of laundry (all her clothes) per week, using up most of the bandwidth watching YouTube videos during work hours (I pay for that, too), oh, and occupying the largest room in the house when I’m the one who’s making the house payments.

It was fortunate that I didn’t have to pay for everything on Sunday as my budget has been extremely tight the last few months as everything became more expensive due to inflation.

I used to celebrate Mother’s Day long ago when there seemed to be a purpose but it seemed no matter what I did for my mom on Mother’s Day, she always had something negative to say. There was no pleasing her. So what’s the point of doing nice things when I get negativity in return?

There was a Mother’s Day when Mom said sarcastically, “Thanks for Mother’s Day,” right after we spent the night in the ER after I fell from standing on a wagon, hit my head, and rendered myself unconscious for who knows how long.

Note to self: Never stand on a moving wagon.


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