#Writephoto – Mushrooms on the Ground

“Hmm, this is interesting.”

“What’s interesting?” My aunt asks.

I point at the mushrooms on the ground. I have hiked this trail every spring for the past 4 years – alone or with someone – yet, I have never seen any mushrooms on the forest floor. I’m a pretty observant person so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t miss a clump of mushrooms on the ground.

“Mushrooms shows up on damp ground that’s rich in organic matter.” I say. I should know. I have mushrooms sprouting in my garden each time it rained for the last few months, especially since I put in some new soil.

“Do you think it’s edible? Do you think I should pick some and take it home to eat?”

Does she ever think about anything beside food? I don’t even know why she’s tagging along. She hates hiking and she walks slower than someone in their 80’s. Even my grandma walked faster than her.

“I wouldn’t, if I were you. It might be poisonous.”


Mushroom – Image by KL Caley

A little back story to this fictitious piece of work- after replacing the soil in my garden beds with bagged garden soil a few months ago, mushrooms began sprouting each time it rained (which it’s not often). It turned out mushrooms grow in nutrient-rich damp soil. Good to know my soil is nutrient-rich.

Also, my aunt is indeed this type of person. I took her on a hike once and she brought a plastic bag with her to pick wild dandelions along the trail. She’s not that old, just acts old.

4 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Mushrooms on the Ground

  1. Your aunt and I are soulmates. I started foraging at an early age… but not mushrooms, although I have a good guidebook. There are just so many nearly identical ones that aren’t good to eat. Sometimes you’ll only eat them once.

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