Friday Fictioneers: When will it stop raining?

“I guess we’re not going anywhere today.” I sigh, watching the downpour outside. As much I love the rain, this just isn’t the time. I came for vacation, to travel, to sightsee, not to be stuck in a hotel room.

“I hear this is part of a tropical storm system moving through.” My sister says as she shoves a chunk of omelet into her mouth. “I’m sure it’ll stop soon.”

2 days later…

With earbuds in, I paced the hallway of the hotel, round after round, just to pass the seconds of the day. When will the sky stop raining?

(100 words)

For Friday Fictioneers

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5 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: When will it stop raining?

    1. Oh wow!
      I live in a place that rarely rains. So if it rains one or two days, I’m find with it as it’s a rarity but I don’t think I can stand any more than that.
      And I agree, when the rain stops, everything will feel much more clear and beautiful.

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    1. I agree. A few years ago, I went from a place of constant sunshine to a place of constant cloudiness and had to live there for 4 months. From day one, I felt like something was wrong. We all need a balance of rain and sunshine in our lives.


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