Sunday Poser #115 – Advice to Younger Self

What is one advice you wished you can give your younger self?

I wrote a letter to my younger self on December 21, 2020 to commemorate my 19th anniversary in the U.S. In it, I offered my younger self, who had just landed at LAX a brief and optimistic outlook as well as advice on the years to come.

What would you advise your younger self and at what stage of life would you do it?

If I can give my younger self one piece of advice, I would probably give it to my 2006 self and 2013 self.

To my 2006 self – when I was 15-year-old.

My advice is to spend more time (as much time as possible) with your step-father because time is precious. You’d never know how tragically short life is sometimes. One moment he’s here and the next, you’d be reading RIP messages on the wall of his Facebook profile while your hundreds of miles away. He’s the only father you’ve known because your biological one left the world before you had a chance to get to known him. So spend every moment you have with him like it’s your last because in a year, it will be as you will be the one leaving him and there will be no going back to that relationship.

To my 2013 self – when I was 22-year-old.

My advice for this burned-out engineering student working 3 jobs while doing full-time schooling to hang in there. Things will get better soon, even though it doesn’t look like it at the moment. You will be replacing 2 of the 3 jobs in less than a year. You will move on to better jobs in a few years and you just have less than one year left for your first degree. Yes, first degree. I’m sorry to tell you there are 3 more years of schooling down the road for you but I can assure you it will get better and you will enjoy getting your second degree better than your first.


16 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #115 – Advice to Younger Self

  1. The younger yourself hit me hard. I’m so sorry. It’s a horrible lesson to learn that way.

    The slightly older self is where I am too, at least for work. So thank you. I needed to hear that it will be ok from someone who has actually been here. Thank you

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      1. I realize that. I really do. It’s just hard to keep in mind when you crawl home after a 13 hour day working 3 jobs. And it’s not like I can say “just a year left until your degree,” I have it, and I still have to do this.

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      2. I know for a fact it won’t. There’s only one way it will, and that’s to quit the job I actually enjoy to go do the one I enjoy because I kept the clients I liked in exchage for unknown variables which are typically not as pleasant.

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      3. Yes, but even in its suckitude it isn’t so bad, as long as you’re able to see that this is a choice that you’ve made and you can let yourself get yanked backwards or you can march forward. Without the suckitude, you won’t realize how AMAZING a few days off is lol

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