Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #237: Bringing Softness

Happy Sunday! This week, Bren from Brashley Photography is guest-hosting Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #237 and the theme is… Bringing Softness.

I have been a fan of the Clarity and Texture adjustment sliders in Lightroom for as long as I remember. These sliders add that special touch to each photo that make a photo a little more unique, sort of like a personal touch. For my photos, I tend to go toward the softer end of the spectrum though I try to not to overdo it as it’s often very tempting. I still like to retain an air of realism in my photos.

Beside a personal touch, I also think putting a softer touch on a photo helps highlight certain things in the photo.

Last but not least, flowers. For some reason, flowers look softer against a dark background, don’t you think so?

13 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #237: Bringing Softness

  1. Yes I do think the flowers look softer. And I agree softer images do highlight objects. You photo of the purple flowers and grass is an example. At first glance Noticed the color and realized the grass is very much a highlight of that photo. Well done!

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