WQ #8: Below the Surface

The word for this week’s Wednesday Quotes is Below.

I feel this quote is similar to one that I posted a few years ago when I was doing Thought of the Day posts. The other quote was about setting goals, staying quiet, and smashing those goals. I think I’ve been living life like this for quite some time – working behind the scenes, trying to achieve my goals while acting every day like nothing’s happening.

Here’s a fun one.

We had another big snow storm this week. There were places within 30 miles of me that reported over 2-feet of snow. My co-workers sent a picture of his neighbor’s car buried beneath the snow. Looking out my second-story window, I don’t think I got that much.

I decided to head out and see exactly how much I got – 8 inches. Not as much as my co-workers but still, that’s quite an accumulation and we are now less than a month from the official start of spring. I was looking forward to getting some of the vegetables planted by the middle of March. Right now, it doesn’t seem possible, especially not when it’s supposed to snow again in a few days.

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