Sunday Poser #122 -Justifying my Decisions

When you decide to do something , do you defend your decisions to those around you?

Not always to those around me but always to myself. This is a pesky pet peeve of mine, where I have to justify every decision I’ve ever made. It’s such an annoying little quirk. I tried to wain this habit for a long time but couldn’t.

I often seem to have this notion that if I defend my decisions, then something bad will happen. I’m not sure whether this can be called superstitious or something else but my justification for doing something for myself sometimes is as long as a novel. Maybe my mother’s words got to me? She often says God sees everything including when we’re being selfish or only thinking of ourselves and no one else.

When I went on my solo trips last summer, I remember talking to myself almost all the way about all the reasons I’m doing this – for self-care, to de-stress, and I really needed this. It was much longer but I’ll save you the time to read my ramble.

Even yesterday, when I went to my dietitian counseling appointment, all the way there, I mentally repeated to myself, “you need this. It’s good for you.”

Justifying my every decision feels a bit like self-sabotage sometimes but can I help it if I’m trying to avoid catastrophe?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #122 -Justifying my Decisions

  1. Do you want to know what’s worse? My wife is one of the smartest people I know. We don’t argue because what’s the point? She’ll make a decision that I think is great. She’ll sit wherever she is and immediately start second guessing herself.

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