#SundayStills: Spring is Finally Here! #Earth

There is no better feeling than to know Mother Nature is finally presenting us with signs of spring.

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year (in my opinion) with all the plants waking up and ready to grow as well as all the flowers blossoming and filling even the tiniest spaces with colors and life.

I mentioned in a previous post that Spring in Utah is something that comes suddenly (as in overnight) or perhaps it’s only sudden to those who’s not as in-tuned with nature as I’ve recently become. This year, spring has been a little more gradual, perhaps slower than the previous years. Maybe it has to do with the roller-coaster temperature swings?

Mom and I took a trip to the Utah State Capitol over the weekend after seeing on the news that the cherry trees have blossomed. We usually went every year other than 2020 (obviously) and last year (for unknown reasons) and this year, mom even allowed me to drive and listen to my music, which made the 30-minute drive enjoyable.

We arrived early that day as the news said people would flock to this place later that day. The sky was blue and cloudless for the first time in days. We’ve been having weekly storms that usually lasted a couple of days – mostly rain and gloomy, cloudy skies. I really missed these clear days.

While I was clicking away with my camera, finding good photo compositions, mom was vlogging with her phone (it’s surprising she does that better than me), proclaiming “Spring has finally arrived in Utah”. As much as I’d like to say that, spring may had arrived in Salt Lake City, it has not yet arrived in my neighborhood 30 miles north and I am blaming that on the mysteriously ways of Mother Nature.


11 thoughts on “#SundayStills: Spring is Finally Here! #Earth

  1. Oh those cherry trees are so pretty, Yinglan, a certainty that spring is finally there! Still waiting for tree blossoms in Spokane but the warm temps are coming this week even up into the high 70s. We stayed three different times in Utah on our trip; first was one night in Beaver on the way to San Diego. Then Bryce Canyon City and then Logan. You should check out my post. We drove right by the Utah state capitol on April 12 and nothing was blooming yet! We walked around Temple Square too. Utah is a gorgeous state with lots of points of interest. Enjoy!

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    1. I saw your post, Terri, Bryce Canyon is absolutely breathtaking, especially when there’s snow. I think the cherry trees began blossoming on the 18th. It’s amazing how much difference a week makes.

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