What do you see # 184 – Grandmother

Photo by Dobrinoiu Denis on Unsplash

Note: this is 100% fiction

I don’t know how grandmother did it and how is she doing it. At the ripe age of 90, grandmother still seem to have the strength of ten-men – balancing not only two buckets of water on her shoulder but must carry my quadriplegic brother on her back because she wanted him to get his daily dose of fresh air.

Our mother died giving birth to my brother and because of the overwhelming grief, our father left us at grandmother’s one night and never returned.

Poor grandmother. I have wanted to help so many times, wanted to contribute my share so I wouldn’t feel guilty when food is put on the table or water in my cup, but all grandmother said in response was, “You need to focus on growing up and not worry any of this until I say you’re old enough to start worrying.”


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