CFFC: Anything Small #WordlessWednesday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #244: Glowing Moments

Happy Sunday! Soybend from the blog, Bend Branches, is the guest host for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge with the theme of Glowing Moments.

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CMMC: April Close Up

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CFFC: Found in Nature #SundayStills #WordlessWednesday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Also inspired by #SundayStills: #Awaken

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #243: It’s Tricky

Happy Sunday! Donna from WindKisses is hosting this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and her theme for this week had me thinking about it all day and still, I hardly have anything as cool as her photos – It’s Tricky.

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CMMC: March Alphabet Two E’s

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CFFC: Things People Live in #WordlessWednesday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

#SundayStills: #Peek

Peek is certainly an interesting idea for this week’s #SundayStill Challenge. I’m not certain whether my photos even fits. I’ve been going through my old pictures this weekend and this photo jumped out at at me for this theme as the mountains are peeking from behind the trees.

I thought about keeping this picture in color but it looked strangely too green for my taste. Therefore, I went with the black and white look as well as cropping the photo according to the Rule of Thirds.

Here is a shot of the sun peeking for a few minutes from behind the clouds before setting on yet another day of storminess.

Finally, I found this shot of the waterfall in Yellowstone. I like that green that’s peeking, it gives it a rebellious vibe like that streak of water refuses to stay the same color as the rest of the waterfall.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #242: New Experiences

Happy Sunday! Anne from Slow Shutter Speed is the hostess and I am reflecting on one of my favorite new experience on this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge with photos I haven’t looked at in nearly 5 years. Hope you enjoy.

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CBWC: Anything in Flight

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CMMC: March Pick a Topic

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CFFC: Things People Drive #WordlessWednesday

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

#SundayStills: I would #Rather be…

Teri from Second Wind Leisure Perspective presents a very interesting theme for this week’s #SundayStills – I’d #Rather Be…

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #241: Spring

Happy Sunday! This week, Sophia of Photographias is the hostess for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and this week, with the spring equinox on Monday, March 20, 2023, it’s all about spring.

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#SundayStills: Monthly Color Challenge – #Green in the Garden

It’s been a long and rough winter, I tell ya.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #240: The Road (Most Often) Taken

Happy Sunday! This week, John from Journeys with Johnbo is the host for this week’s Lens-Artists challenge. Instead of a physical road, the theme he has chosen led me down a metaphoric one and I’m talking about the style of photography.

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#SundayStills: Out of this Amazing #World

I think the night sky is absolutely out of this world when getting to experience it with a camera. I shot this photo in my backyard in 2019 after all the lights were turned off in the house. When I saw the photo on the tiny screen of the camera, I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was that star that’s shining so bright?

I couldn’t see it with my naked eyes and haven’t gotten Photopill (a star tracker app) on my phone back then. If I had, I could’ve pointed the phone to the sky and it would’ve told me what star this was.

Aren’t night skies just the most amazing sight especially if seeing it through a camera?

I got some pretty interesting comments when I first posted this picture in 2015. I didn’t even see it at first but many reader saw the glare that looked like an alien spaceship. Do you see it?

Finally, how’s this for out of this #world? Doesn’t it look like something other than a cluster of cherry blossoms?

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #239: Finding Peace

Happy Sunday! This week, Tina from Travels and Trifles leads this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge by taking last week’s topic – Alone Time – one step further and asks us how we find peace in this busy and ever-changing world.

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CMMC: Letter C in the Middle

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CFFC: Things People Visit

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#SundayStills: #Birds

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #238: Alone Time

Happy Sunday! This week, Ann-Christine from her blog – Leya – is the lovely hostess for this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge and this week’s topic – Alone Time.

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#SundayStills: #Sweet

You make me think of all the sweet things I’ve had in life Terri with this week’s #SundayStills!

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