Truthful Tuesday 09-07-2021

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Photo of the Day!

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Heavy-Duty Labor Day

This is mine, there's another one
This is mine, there’s another one

Happy Labor Day, Everyone! I don’t know about you but I am exhausted. They don’t call it Labor day for nothing. Every year, mom and I try to use this possibly last weekend to do all we can around the house, at least before it starts to snow. Every year, it involves painting some part of the house except last year when I had to work through the weekend. My former boss was very demanding then.

These last two days, we’ve painted the rooms and the hall linen closet in the basement. Yesterday, we lined the new shelves with adhesive shelf liner that makes the shelves look like wood. The pile of boxes in the basement finally has a home now next to the furnace. My stereo, on the other hand, still needs a home. Then today, mom said she wants to move this big bureau or dresser, I don’t know what you call it, from the basement up to my aunt’s room. That’s 4 floors! I think I’m going to faint. 😦

I’ve never thought there would be another one of this but I’m glad I got this one in my room because the one in the basement is hideous with its unevenly blue painted drawers, it looks like someone painted it with water color. It was given or rather threw it at us by my former boss’s wife, they didn’t want it because they thought it was trashy and ugly. So naturally, they begged us to take it. Now we need to find a proper place for it instead of the basement. Ugh, mover, that’s a job I can never imagine myself doing.

Wait the minute, is that right? Let me think, I’ve worked at quite a few odd jobs in the past decade or so. I remember my first one was advertisement brochure assembler. I was responsible for placing the Velcro in the brochure. That was okay except my fingers got hurt from sticking the rough Velcro onto the laminated paper.

There there was babysitter job in 9th grade. Ugh, that I would probably never do again. Sweaty toddlers are so slimy. That’s another job I cannot imagine myself doing. After that it was all office jobs, receptionist, secretary, linguist. I won’t get into too much detail, you hear me talk enough.

Those jobs that don’t involve too much movement, now I can imagine myself doing because I frequently get calcification in my joints especially in my legs and that often made walking and moving difficult and painful. So I am stuck to office jobs for now.

I do hope I can move that big whatever up the stairs today. 🙂