Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday

Though it was nowhere near my birthday when I visited China early last year, I told my aunt to order me a Birthday cake and she did. It was one of the things I really missed after immigrating to the U.S.

One day during my last two weeks in China, she brought me to the local bakery and told the clerk she wanted to order a birthday cake. Immediately, the clerk handed us a thick binder with laminated pages upon pages of delicious cakes.

It was so hard to decide. Every one of those cakes looked so good and trust me, the birthday cakes in China are not the same as the ones in the U.S. The cakes are not rectangular and the level of sweetness is just perfect and won’t overpower the palate.

They are so much better and that was exactly why I must have one during my visit.

Just look at that! 450 grams (1 pound) of melt on your tongue chocolate, cream, fruit, and incredibly moist cake.

Shamelessly to say, I ate the whole thing. Not at once! I chose to savor the cake over several days, one slice at a time.

Tuesday Photo Challenge

18 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday

  1. Yummie!!! I used to work near San Francisco’s China Town and we always bought the cakes from a local Bakery. They are indeed delicious and so light you can eat the entire cake and not feel weighed down!

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