Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #177: Celebration

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #177 is all about Celebration.

Independence Day is always a big celebration and it was a special one for 2021. I participated in the city parade in 2019 and wanted to do it again in 2020. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the parade was canceled along with the centennial celebration, celebrating my current residing city’s 100th Anniversary.

The celebration lasted a week. Food trucks scattered about the city park, families picnicked, concerts occupied the nights, and of course, no one can forget a parade with firetrucks, vintage cars, and a Scottish Pipe Band. Even these lovely statues were dressed up for the occasion.

To conclude the week-long festivities, the colorful unforgettable firework show could be seen from many parts of the city. I was determined to get a front row seat and after searching for parking for over 30 minutes, I found a space that would allow me to get my front row seat to the spectacular show.

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