Sunday Poser #83 – Second Chances

Do you believe in second chances?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know I was treated badly during the 3 years I was left in China while my mom was making a life in the U.S. I was constantly punished for either something I didn’t do or something beyond my control.

When I told my mom about my mistreatment, she thought I was lying and scolded me for only remembering the horrible things her brother and sisters have done and that I should forgive them. “Put the past in the past,” she said, “give them a second chance. Maybe they’ve changed.”

As much as I believe in handing out second chances, some things are tremendously difficult to forget like childhood trauma, which stays with the person for possibly the rest of his/her life, unless he/she is struck in the head, resulted in a full-blown amnesia situation.

Would you give yourself a second chance or someone else? Are you willing to try again?

I am a stubbornly optimistic person. I believe people make mistakes from time to time and everyone should have a second chance. Forgetting about the mistakes might be hard but I think I would be willing to try again.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #83 – Second Chances

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Yinglan. I agree that childhood trauma is difficult to forget and forgive. It takes years to get over it and perhaps with age we can do both.


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