Truthful Tuesday 06-21-2022 on a Wednesday

“What’s Your Opinion Of Grudge Holding?”   

I think we all hold grudges one way or other. There’s no point in denying it. Holding grudges are just a part of human nature. It just depends on how big or small the grudge is. For the most part, I try to forgive and forget but as I wrote in this post, some things in life, however, are harder not to hold a grudge than others, especially those that involves trauma.

I don’t know whether any other family members have tendency of holding grudges but I do know my mom is the queen of holding grudges. My gosh, sometimes, I wonder if she just have selective memory loss because she would remember the bad stuff I did eons ago and yet, she’d forget how to use the office software to format a simple document.

Name one of her former friends or high school classmates and she can tell you why they’re a bad person.

Like this one time, I told her to not be a mean person (the word I wanted to use was ‘bitch’ but come on, there’s no way I could say it). “I’m mean, huh.” She replied. “You think I’m mean.” She kept saying it over and over like a realization but I later found out she was just scoffing at the remark.

To this day, she’s still dangling those words over my head each time she gets mad at me (which, technically, is everyday because I’m not perfect). She would say, “You think I’m mean. I’ll give you mean.”

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