Blogging Insights 3.0 #1 – Breaking the Mold

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Blogging Insights but this week’s prompt piqued my interest, so I’m giving it a go.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


“Break the mold.”

Which of these do you believe, as pertaining to your blogging?

I believe in both.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’d know I participate in quite a few challenges – from photography to flash fiction. I would also post impromptu thoughts posts on days from time to time.

I participate in the usual prompts each week because I have the mentality of “if my response to this prompt is attracting readers, why should I quit participating in this prompt?” At the same time, I’m someone who dislikes routine. Routine gets monotonous from time and time, don’t you think so? To break the so-call “mold”, I will either participate in a new prompt or I’ll write something original – thoughts or a story.

I think we as humans have a tendency to either stick to something or mix thing up aka breaking the mold. That’s just part of human nature, I suppose.

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