#WQ #12: Spring

This week’s Wednesday Quotes is focused on Spring, which, frustratingly, I’ll have to say is not present.

As I mentioned in this week’s SundayStills, I planted my broccoli seedlings over the weekend. Well, I found out the daily low will dip down to the low 20’s in the next few days, at least until the 31st. So much for spring, right?

I should’ve known better than to start planting at the first sign of spring. It was definitely a false spring. Spring is NOT in the air. ๐Ÿ˜ก Now, I’ll have to figure out some creative ways to help it not freeze to death in that cold temperature.

So far, it survived a night when it went down to 29-degrees-Fahrenheit but it’s supposed to get down to 19 on Sunday. Brr…

I love this quote because it’s so true. Flowers are the dance of spring but I would say seed germinating in the ground is the song of nature because as a wise saying goes, “a seed will germinate when the conditions are right” and, well, spring is the perfect condition.

Spring is also an overnight thing in my neck of the woods. When you wake up to colors outside your window and flowers blooming, you know spring is here.

20 thoughts on “#WQ #12: Spring

    1. I hope so, too. Haha! I don’t think electric blanket be feasible, not to mention I’d be having anxiety about electrical fires. I’ve placed three tubs of hot water in there, watered the plants thoroughly with warm water and put more mulch around it, hopefully that will work.

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  1. You will get there soon, Yinglan. You can make a little plastic or glass tent for your broccoli – like mini greenhouses. They worked for me in CA when winter kept popping its head out! Thanks for linking to WQ, my friend. Good luck with the broccoli. There’s nothing better than having it fresh off the stalk.

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    1. Plastic never works for me. It seems to suffocate the plants instead of keeping them warm. I’ve been using frost protection cloth and it seems to be working so far but I’m not sure if it will offer much protection for the 20 degrees temperature.

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      1. You can also use glass. It works like a terrarium or greenhouse. At least it did in the California winter. Our temps there got down below freezing, but not for long.

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      2. I might need to invest in a cold frame. I hear those things can keep plants quite warm. The temps here go way below freezing, sometimes even into the negative Fahrenheit.

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      3. That is way colder than CA. A cold frame sounds much like a mini greenhouse. I think that would be the way to go. It might even be what I need to do here in Prescott even though we haven’t gone into negative territory. Our problem here is animal predators. Two years ago something ate my tomato plants down to the ground, stem and all. Last year I put a plastic net around them and they produced about 5 miniature tomatoes. I was super disappointed.

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      4. Wow! That’s awful. I’d be heartbroken to see that.
        A cold frame is basically a box made from hard plastic that’s supposed to keep even hot-weather crops like pepper warm during winter.

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      5. It was disappointing, for sure. I’ll have to look up the hard frame and it’s possibilities for my “crops” this year, Yinglan. Good luck with yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I’ve place 2 layers of frost protection over the seedlings. So far, it looks like it’s surviving but I’m not sure for how long as it’s been consistently snowing for the last 24 hours, not to mention the temperature has been struggling to get to the freezing mark.


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