A-Z Challenge 2016: P for Potential


My mom might say otherwise but I quite enjoy volunteering and helping others. I get to not only be part of a project and help someone achieve their goals but in the process, I get to meet new people and socialize which has been one of my struggles. In the past two years, ever since I began in a new school, I have volunteered for tutoring service, prepped for a Thanksgiving meal, and participated in two food drives not to mention being currently participating in a club as an active member. By doing that, I believe I can increase my potential of finding a job or getting a recommendation and by doing that, I believe I have widened my network circle.

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11 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2016: P for Potential

      1. That’s better than nothing though my only avenue is the internet and finding ppl who write the same stuff I write virtually is so exhausting but I guess even that’s better than if I had no access to the internet at all. All in all I guess it could be worse :/

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