A-Z Challenge 2016: D for Don’t Stop

Confucius Determination quote

I think this is a good quote for the topic because it kind of stand for what I’m doing at the moment. As some of you know, I was to move out last month but I chose to stay due to financial troubles and sometimes, I still regret my decision because I thought if I move out, I could forget everything and focus on myself for once but the truth is, with so much worries of financial troubles, I couldn’t focus on anything.

At the moment, I’m planning on December because that’s when I will finish my second undergraduate degree and hopefully have a better job. I know that December is still a long ways to go but I know that time can speed up if it wants to and I also know that as long as I don’t stop and keep pushing, I will eventually achieve my goals.

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A-Z Challenge 2016: C for Change


Did I tell you about my new friend, Kat? I met her in school a few weeks ago and at first, I was very happy because making friends had never been easy for me and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a friend. We hit it off and during spring break, I secretly visited her. I’ve been doing so many things secretly lately that I’m starting to get a rush.

Anyway, her home was extremely simple, few furniture and decorations. However, I noticed she had a few posters of pretty girls taped against her kitchen wall. “What’s up with those?” I asked.

“I want to be like them.” She replied right away. Why, I asked her. “I want to be beautiful!”

At that moment, I felt puzzled. She’s already beautiful. She has a husband who loves her for her, who allows her all the freedom she desires, not requiring her to go to work, let her buy whatever she desires, so why would she want to go through the trouble of changing her appearance?

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A-Z Challenge 2016: B for Bold

Be Bold Quote

I think this is a great quote. Very inspiring and motivational. I just wish I’m brave and bold enough to listen to my own heart.

In the meantime, this quote reminds me a lot of this song. It’s one of my favorite songs. Hope you all enjoy your Saturdays.

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A-Z Challenge 2016: A for Aspirations

aspirations quote Continue reading “A-Z Challenge 2016: A for Aspirations”

A-Z Challenge 2016 Theme

I didn’t know this is theme reveal day, otherwise, I’d be more prepared. Anyway, this will be my second year participating in the A-Z challenge and I signed up several months back. If you look at the sign-up page, I’m number 168, that should tell you just how long ago I signed up.

atoz-theme-reveal-2016 v2

Last year, I didn’t really had a theme even though I “claimed” I did. I just went with whatever I could think about that day. This year, however, I do have a theme and that theme is


Each day for 26 days, I will feature a quote. The topic or author of the quote will match to the letter of the day. For example, I for Inspiration. I got the idea from doing the 3 Day 3 Quote challenge and from last year’s participation. Beneath the quote, I’ll write something, maybe the quote is related to me somehow or maybe I’ll pose a question.

I hope you will enjoy the weekday quotes for the next month. Now the question is, can I keep up with this theme? Or will I go off to some random theme in the middle month like last year? Who knows?! I guess we’ll see.